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JRAL is a professional aeronautical consulting firm specializing in Aviation Safety Assessments, Accident and Incident Investigation, Risk Evaluation, and writing corporate aviation standards. We also work with you to ensure that corporate travel policies don’t violate common sense by providing guidance on both corporate/chartered aircraft, fractional participation and scheduled airline travel on more than 800 scheduled airlines around the world.

When supplemental lift is necessary, planned or in a crisis situation, you can’t waste time wondering who can help, you have to know. Who meets your standards and what is their operating history? One should never have to wonder, “could we have known more or been more careful in our selection?”

Everything that we do at Jordan River Aviation is focused on ensuring that you know what you’re buying and that the airlines you choose and the charter companies that supplement your own fleet, have the same values and standards that guide your own decisions. It should never matter if your people are riding on your own aircraft or one that is being called upon for a day and never being needed again, your executives and employees shouldn’t be worth less because they are riding on a chartered aircraft.

Keith Fritz of Jordan River Aviation is acknowledged around the world as the most traveled aviation advisor/auditor, having worked in more than 90 countries and having performed more than 1,200 aviation safety reviews on every continent. He is credited with expanding the very concept of verification of aviation charter operators and publishing their audit data to concerned parties by taking a cottage industry and turning it into a global standard and practice. His experience in working with operators who serve the energy and resource sectors as well as corporate clients has earned a reputation amongst his peers that defines the word “service”. Accident and Incident investigations, setting up corporate shuttles, auditing corporate flight departments and even helping to resolve terrorist actions including kidnappings, political upheaval and evacuations have all been part of the makeup of the company.