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The increasing discomfort of travelers with traditional airline service and the displacement of many small communities from national air transportation systems have created a perfect storm for the erosion of beleaguered travelers from commercial aviation. The Air Travel Consumer Report (ATCR) illustrates passenger frustrations. In addition to congestion and delays which hit record rates each year, disruptive security measures are at the heart of frustrations and make shuttle flight travel more attractive. While business jet travelers must go through security, it is far more customer friendly than the commercial version at the airport.

Whether a company has been operating a corporate shuttle for years or has just launched a scheduled operation, JRAL has been helping clients navigate the challenging process of establishing and choosing the right operators to make it a success. In most cases, there has been limited or no available airline service between the city pairs to which they are flying. Shuttles can be an extension of an existing flight department or be an externally managed service. Similarly, the visibility of operating a business airplane is something many organizations take into account, especially at a time when companies have become targets for media bias. Engineers, production workers, sales representatives, vendors and customers can travel together, cut costs and not waste time waiting in airports. JRAL has worked with firms that offer helicopters, regional jets and turboprops, seaplanes and major air carriers in establishing and maintaining shuttles for our clients since 1981 on all six continents.